Sweep Capital

Security 101

Are funds really EVER safu??

Wallets and Seed Phrases

NEVER! under any circumstances, give out your seed phrase from your wallet
The phrase is given to you when creating the wallet if you need to restore it in emergencies - KEEP IT SAFE! Giving this to a scammer will allow them to access your wallet and steal your funds. If you lose it, and lose access to your wallet, your funds will be lost forever. For a little perspective, there are hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoin forever lost within wallets with lost seed phrases - don't let that be you, anon.
  • Store your seed phrase only in physical form, at a safe location. Storing your seed phrase digitally on your email/computer is dangerous, making you more susceptible to hacks by malicious actors.


No Admin or Moderator will EVER reach out without prior notice. When contacted by a staff member on Telegram, make sure to verify their identity carefully. You do this in different ways on each platform:
  • Telegram: Verify the username of the one contacting you against the moderator in the chat who. Make sure the username is exactly accurate(double and triple check, this is serious anon). Another way to verify this is by opening DMs with a moderator directly from our chat. This is easy, because no staff member will ever message without mentioning you in the main chat to inform you. Click the profile picture of the labelled admin mentioning you in chat, in order to open a DM with that specific individual.

Fake Groups and Wallet Draining dApps

Fake groups are EXTREMELY COMMON, especially on Telegram. Scammers will use fake groups with false members and staff to advertise false giveaways or link dangerous dApps, all designed to gain access to your device or the permissions protecting your funds in order to drain your wallet. This risk can be mitigated in several ways:
All new groups you've been added to will state that you've been added (and by who) at the top of the chat window, giving you the option to report for spam and leave. Any group labelling themselves as Sweep Capital is a scam, our only groups can be found on our website and our official links page.